Saturday, 12 May 2012

Jati Scales in Action / Further Teaching Ideas

Pages 7,8 and 9 of our free Box Notation Guide show you how to introduce Jati Scales into your music education sessions. Below are three inspirational videos to get your class on board. While you are watching, listen out for the relationship between parts that are spoken, and parts that are played on the drums...

You may also like to search the web for 'Bols', 'Jati' and 'Konnakol'. Each are Indian vocal rhythm systems from different regions, and have their own nuances and applications.

This first video is a great example of call and response between the voice and a drum (or two..):

A beautifully sung and impeccably performed duet. Each syllable is matched with a beat on the drum:

More of Lori Cotler and Glen Velez (These guys are inspirational!). Here, keeping it nice and simple:

You can do this activity right away. First, ask a few volunteers to keep time in the background with a shaker or drum. 

Now lead a whole class, vocal call and response song using the jati scales on our resource. Decide in advance and stick to a set measure of time for all the calls and responses. The timekeeping background of shakers and drums will help everyone stick to the same measure. 

Volunteers can also lead with their own Jati rhythms. Check out our Jerry Leake post for more rhythmical ideas using Jati scales (try introducing some of these into your call and response). And remember......  if you can say it, you can play it! 

And finally, a beautiful blend of Jati, Percussion and Dance:

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