Monday, 20 August 2012

Free Online Beat Samplers - Accessible Rhythm Making Resources

Want to make and listen to your own rhythms and musical arrangements? With little or no musical experience, you use these free online resources right now. Perfect for a variety of age groups from primary school upwards - including teachers! Make sure you have your sound turned on and your headphones or speakers plugged in!

Sheep Beats is easy to start having fun with. Anyone can create and listen to their own music immediately.

It loads quickly, and I use it to help work out rhythms when I am in a rush.

Check the boxes to make your own beats, basslines and piano accompaniment. Play the funky sample rhythms in the presets list!

BeatLab is a more complex example of the same thing. The different features you will notice first are the speed, genre and volume options.

You can upload your own sounds to BeatLab, create, save and share longer songs, at various speeds, and change the volumes (velocities) of each sound. They even host remix competitions! My favourite sounds are in the Middle Eastern Genre

Tonematrix provides a simple and absorbing play-space for creating complex melody patterns. Try it out yourself before watching the variety of creative approaches on youtube:

Want to use this tool with your class to facilitate creativity, dialogue and learning?

Check out our Classroom Composition Competition post!

Other cool links....

Give this craziness a go!

Program, watch and record a drum kit

Awesome Japanese inspired animation

Search for 'flash', 'sampler', 'drum', 'online', 'beat' to find similar resources.

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